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(T) - Induction Loop for hearing aid users
(W) - Wheelchair access

Bridge of Don: Oldmachar

Address Ashwood Park, Bridge of Don AB22 8PR
Telephone 01224 709299
Email secretary@oldmacharchurch.org
Website www.oldmacharchurch.org
Minister Congregation Vacant. Interim Moderator: Rev Dr Robert Smith, Rubislaw
Services Sundays 10.30 am & 6.30 pm.  Communion on the first Sunday of the month.  (T) (W)


Bridge of Don: St Columba's - see St Columba's, Bridge of Don


Bucksburn Stoneywood

Address 19 Oldmeldrum Road, AB21 9AD
Telephone 01224 712411
Email NParker@churchofscotland.org.uk
Website www.bucksburnstoneywoodchurch.com
Minister Rev Dr Nigel Parker
Telephone 01224 712635
Services Sundays 10.30 am (T) (W)



Address Springfield Road, AB15 8AA
Telephone 01224 315649
Email office@craigiebuckler.org.uk
Website www.craigiebuckler.org.uk
Minister Rev Kenneth Petrie
Telephone 01224 315125
Email KPetrie@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am Sept - June; 10 am July - August (T) (W)
Worshipzone: Last Sunday of Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December 7 pm
More Info

Craigiebuckler Parish Church is situated on Springfield Road, Aberdeen.  The building, designed by renowned Aberdeen architect A Marshall MacKenzie, was opened for worship in February 1883.  Of the many interesting features in the building the most important is the complete set of stained glass windows by William Wilson, Britain's foremost post-war designed.

Today, worship is held at 11 am (10 am July and August) and follows a traditional pattern with a mixture of old and new hymns, other worship material, and the occasional participation of the church orchestra.  The atmosphere is relaxed, yet dignified.  Craigiebuckler caters for all ages with a full range of activities in the suite of halls.



Address North Deeside Road, Cults, AB15 9EX
Telephone 01224 869028
Email cultsparishchurch@btinternet.com
Website www.cultsparishchurch.co.uk
Minister Rev Shuna Dicks
Telephone 01224 861692
Email SDicks@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 10.30 am (T) (W)



Address 152 Victoria Street, Dyce, AB21 7DN
Telephone 01224 771295
Website www.dyceparishchurch.org.uk
Minister Interim Moderator: Nigel Parker, Bucksburn Stoneywood
Services Sundays 9.30 am (Second & last Sundays) & 11 am



Address Fonthill Road, AB11 6UD
Telephone 01224 213093
Email office@ferryhillparishchurch.org
Website www.ferryhillparishchurch.org
Minister Rev Peter Johnston
Telephone Tel: 01224 949192
Email PJohnston@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am Sept - June; 10 am July & August



Address 27 Ramsay Gardens, AB10 7AE
Email admin@garthdeechurch.co.uk
Website www.garthdeechurch.co.uk
Minister Congregation Vacant - Interim Moderator: Rev Ken Petrie, Craigiebuckler
Services Garthdee: Sundays 11.00 am (T) (W)


High Hilton

Address 1-2 Hilton Drive, AB24 4NQ
Telephone 01224 494717
Website www.highhilton.zyberweb.com
Minister Rev Hutton Steel
Telephone 01224 493552
Email Hutton.Steel@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am
More Info Situated at the 6 roads roundabout and active in serving both Parish and Community. We are a warm and friendly Church with a history of welcoming everybody, those who live in the Parish and the wider Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire community, students and people of all ages and nationalities.


Holburn West

Address Great Western Road, AB10 6RY
Telephone 01224 571120
Email churchoffice@holburnwestchurch.org.uk
Website www.holburnwestchurch.org.uk
Music Ministry www.holburnwestchurch.org.uk/choir
Minister Rev Duncan Eddie
Telephone 01224 325873
Email DEddie@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 10.30 am (T) (W)
Jubilee Community: Sundays Cafe at 5.30 pm; worship at 6.10 pm



Address Old Skene Road, Kingswells, AB15 8PP
Website www.kingswellschurch.com
Minister Rev Laurene Lafontaine
Email LLafontaine@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am (T) (W)
More info

Worship at Kingswells happens at 11a.m. each Sunday morning when we also have Crèche facilities (0-3 yrs ) and our Kids church (3-12yrs).

Our worship style is relaxed, thus cultivating a warm family atmosphere, and offers an honest reflection between biblical teaching and life experience. 
Kingswells is both an established and growing community and this is evident in the diversity of the age, nationality and life stories of the people who gather together for worship.

Our mission statement reflects that we believe God has called us to CELEBRATE the Life of Christ, CARE for one another, CULTIVATE personal growth, and COMMUNICATE the Love of God, by work and action, in our community and in the world.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Kincorth - see South St Nicholas, Kincorth


Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting - see St Nicholas, Kirk of



Address Great Western Road, AB10 6UZ
Telephone 01224 310087
Email office@mannofieldchurch.org.uk
Website www.mannofieldchurch.org.uk
Minister Rev Keith Blackwood
Telephone 01224 315748
Email KBlackwood@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays: 10 am and 6.30 pm
Wednesdays: 10.30 am (T) (W)



Address Greenfern Road, AB16 6TR
Telephone 01224 694121
Website www.mastrickchurch.org.uk
Minister Rev Susan J Sutherland
Telephone 01224 279562
Email SSutherland@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am (T) (W)



Address 75 Manor Avenue
AB16 7UT
Telephone 01224 682310
Minister Congregation Vacant
Interim Moderator: Rev Michael Shewan (Summerhill Church)
Telephone 01224 324669
Email MShewan@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am (T) (W)
First Sunday of the month 6 pm at Smithfield Court
More Info

We are a cheerful church set at the heart of this large housing area, and serving Cummings Park and part of Heathryfold too. Our worship is welcoming and mixes modern with traditional.

There is a Breakfast Club at Middlefield and a Thursday Kids Club from 5-6pm.

Our vision is to reach out in faith to the community, and if you come along we aim to offer you love and support and opportunities to serve and worship God here in Middlefield.



Address Harcourt Road, AB15 5NZ
Telephone 01224 319519
Email secretary@midstocketchurch.org.uk
Website www.midstocketchurch.org.uk
Minister Vacant - Interim Moderator - Rev. Maggie Whyte, St Stephens Church
Services Sundays 10.30 am (W) (T)
More Info

A united charge following the union of the former St Ninian's and Beechgrove Churches. Coffee fellowship after all services. Crèche available. Induction loop and wheelchair access.



Address Bucksburn, AB21 9SS
Telephone 01224 716161
Email office@newhillschurch.org.uk
Website www.newhillschurch.org.uk
Minister Congregation Vacant. Interim Moderator: Rev Louis Kinsey, st Columba's Bridge of Don
Services Sundays 10.30am
September - June 6.00 pm (W) (T)



Address Byron Crescent, AB16 7EX
Minister Rev Scott C Guy
Telephone 01224 692332
Email SGuy@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 10.30 am (T) (W)



Address North Deeside Road, Peterculter, AB14 0SB
Telephone 01224 735845
Email secretary@culterkirk.co.uk
Website www.culterkirk.co.uk
Minister Rev Dr John A Ferguson
Telephone 01224 735041
Email JFerguson@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 10.30am
Thursdays short service 11.30am (not in summer months)


Queen's Cross

Address Albyn Place, AB10 1UN
Telephone 01224 644742
Email office@queenscrosschurch.co.uk
Website www.queenscrosschurch.org.uk
Minister Rev Scott Rennie
Email SRennie@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services 10.30 am each Sunday 
Short 9.30 am service on 3rd Sunday of each month.



Address Queen's Gardens, AB15 4YD
Telephone 01224 645477
Email rubislawchurch@btconnect.com
Website www.rubislawchurch.org.uk
Minister Rev Dr Robert Smith
Telephone 01224 314773
Email RSmith@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 10.30 am
Additional short service at 9.15 am on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month.
(T) (W)


Ruthrieston West  

Address Broomhill Road, AB10 7LN
Website  www.ruthriestonwestchurch.org.uk 
Minister  Rev Dr Benjamin Byun
Telephone 01224 312706
Email  BByun@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services  Sundays 10 am


St Columba's Bridge of Don

Address Braehead Way, AB22 8RR
Telephone 01224 825653
Email administrator@stcolumbaschurch.org.uk
Website www.stcolumbaschurch.org.uk
Minister Rev Louis Kinsey
Telephone 01224 705337
Email LKinsey@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 10 am & 6.00 pm (T) (W)
More Info

St Columba's Church Building is located in the suburbs of Bridge of Don on the northern side of the city of Aberdeen, within walking distance of Aberdeen University Student Halls of Residence, and not far from the city centre. The Church meets to worship on Sundays at 10am and at 6.30pm. Home Groups meet during the week. St Columba's Church is a lively and growing Church, growing in love with Jesus and with each other. We're not perfect but we are learning how to forgive one another!

What will you find if you join us one Sunday? You'll find people just like you, single people, married people, young people and older people, students, children and teenagers, as well as people literally from all over the world. We have our hopes and fears, our faults and our weaknesses, just like you. You'll fit right in! We have a large ministry team at St Columba's and we focus on letting people use the gifts God has given them. Lots of us share in worship leading. The music is great and we think God likes it! That's why we do it!! Our minister is a preacher who loves to teach us about the Bible. We also have a good programme for children and for teenagers, and a Youth Pastor who makes it all happen.

If you're looking for a church family, and you'd like to know God better, then we'd love to meet you.

St.Columba's Church: At the heart of the community with the heart of Jesus.


St George's Tillydrone

Address Hayton Road, AB24 2UY
Telephone 01224 482204
Email  admin@tillydrone.church
Website http://tillydrone.church
Minister Congregation Vacant. Interim Moderator - Rev Elsie Fortune, St Mary's Church
Telephone 01224 487227
Email EFortune@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11.15 am (T) (W)


St John's for Deaf People

Minister Rev Mary Whittaker
Email MWhittaker@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services First and Third Sundays of the month - 11 am, the Session Room, St Mark's Church, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen AB25 1JY
Other services and venues as arranged
More Info

St John's Church for Deaf People exists to  provide services of Christian worship and pastoral care especially suited for profoundly Deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind people who communicate with British Sign Language.


St Machar's Cathedral

Address The Chanonry, Old Aberdeen, AB24 1RQ
Telephone 01224 485988
Email office@stmachar.com (Main Office)
Website www.stmachar.com
Minister Rev Barry Dunsmore

Tel: 01224 314596
Email Email: BDunsmore@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am & 6 pm
Holy Communion on last Sunday of month and High Seasons. (T) (W)
More Info Open daily 9 am to 5 pm April to October inclusive; 10 am to 4 pm November to March inclusive.

Located in historic Old Aberdeen, the Cathedral Church of St Machar occupies a site where there has been Christian witness for almost 1500 years.
From 1131 until the Reformation of 1560, St Machar's was the seat of the Roman Catholic bishops of Aberdeen. Episcopal bishops served there between 1610 and 1638 and again between 1662 and 1689. Since then St Machar's has been a Presbyterian church.

Open every day of the year, St Machar's draws around 30,000 visitors each year from all over the world. It is, however, not merely an impressive ancient building, but a living, vibrant church with a great deal of activity.

A cathedral is a place for the big occasion and St Machar's hosts several of these each year. It is also a place for music and the acoustics at St Machar's are flattering to choir, singer and instrumentalist. Sunday morning services are enhanced by anthems from the cathedral choir and many concerts take place within its walls.
On one Sunday each month (usually the last Sunday, but check the Cathedral website) from September to June the evening service takes the form of Music and Six when musical talent from Aberdeen ad elsewhere allows the congregation to appreciate and reflect on the Word addressed to them through music. On other Sunday evenings an examination of poems and prayers underlines a commitment to exploring the contribution of the Arts to one's understanding of God and or world.

St Machar's provides for all ages with a crèche, Sunday School, study groups and women's group.
St Machar's can be reached by bus Nos. 14, 19 and 20 and is a short walk from King Street buses 1 and 2.


St Mark's

Address Rosemount Viaduct, AB10 1JY
Telephone 01224 640672
Email office@stmarksaberdeen.org.uk
Website www.stmarksaberdeen.org.uk
Minister Congregation Vacant - Interim Moderator: Rev Duncan Eddie, Holburn West Parish Church
Services Sundays 11 am (T)
More Info Located in the city centre, between the Central Library and His Majesty's Theatre (Education, Salvation and Damnation) St Mark's Congregation on Sunday morning normally numbers around the 150 mark. Worship is a mix of modern and traditional, using principally CH4 with occasional use of Mission Praise and others. For people with eyesight difficulties we have large print hymn books and Bibles, there is an induction loop sound system and we have a lift for disabled access. There is a Sunday School which caters for young people across the school age range and younger. Free parking is available on Sunday mornings at Denburn Car Park.


St Mary's, King Street

Address King Street, AB24 5SS
Telephone 01224 487227
Minister Rev Elsie Fortune
Telephone 01224 633778
Email EFortune@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am (T) (W)
More Info St Mary's Church was built in 1939 and is situated in a prominent position on King Street opposite Aberdeen University. It covers the parish of Seaton, Linksfield and Pittodrie and is widely used by both outside and church organisations. There are regular meetings for senior citizens, a lively Faith and Fun for children, Bowling Club, Boys' Brigade and Girls' Brigade.

In our worship we aim to be faithful, relevant and modern - we use principally cH3, Mission Praise and Songs of God's People. St Mary's is a welcoming Church and the people who join us feel that they get insight, support and encouragement from our life and worship to help face today's anxieties and problems.


St Nicholas Uniting

Address New Vestry, Back Wynd, Aberdeen, AB10 1JZ 
Telephone 01224 643494
Email mither.kirk@btconnect.com
Website www.kirk-of-st-nicholas.org.uk
Minister Rev Stephen Taylor
Telephone 01224 314318
Email BSCTaylor@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am
Eucharist each Tuesday at 1.05 pm and various Sundays throughout the year. Eucharist dates for 2016 are:
10 Jan, 7 Feb, 24 Mar, (Maundy Thursday), 27 Mar, 15 May, 19 Jun, 11 Sep, 30 Oct, 20 Nov, 25 Dec
Monday - Friday Daily Prayers 1.05 pm (T) (W)
More info The Kirk of Saint Nicholas Uniting is Aberdeen’s historic Mither Kirk. We are a Local Ecumenical Partnership of the Church of Scotland and the United Reformed Church. As the name ‘Uniting’ suggests, we are committed to working with other Christians for the unity of the church so that we may all be one.


South Holburn

Address 539A Holburn Street, AB10 7LH
Telephone 01224 317975
Website www.southholburn.org
Minister Rev David Stewart
Telephone 01224 315975
Email DStewart@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 10.30 am (T) (W)
During July and August an additional early service is held at 9.30 am


St Nicholas South, Kincorth

Address Kincorth Circle, AB12 5NX
Website www.southstnicholas.org.uk
Minister Rev Edward C McKenna
Telephone 01224 872820
Email EMcKenna@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 10.30 am and 6.00 pm
More Info After celebrating 50 years in the community of Kincorth in 2005, the congregation is now embarking on a new era of involvement and service, reaching the community with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Our Morning Service is a friendly and relaxed service where we use a full range of modern and traditional hymns and songs. We are committed to worship that is relevant for all and use multi media forms in every service. Music and drama are complemented by video and film. Preaching is based on contemporary expository models.

The evening service is often more informal, with a "Cafe Style" approach! Discussion and participation can be part of this service and each month we have a communion service.

We are committed to re-energising our focus on prayer and bible study for all and are currently looking at developing an Older Adults Ministry, equipping people at every age to develop and deepen their faith.

As well as the range of activities held in the church each week which range from Carpet Bowls on Monday, Badminton of Tuesday, Guild fortnightly Tuesdays, - we have a range of youth organisations using the premises, for example Guides (Wednesdays), Girls' Brigade (Thursdays), Boys' Brigade (Friday).

We are also involved in an inter-church and community partnership called BLUE HORIZON with Our Lady of Aberdeen Roman Catholic Church, a youth and family project which is seeking to invest in the community. See www.bluehorizonyouth.org.uk for more information.


St Stephen's

Address Powis Place, AB25 3TS
Telephone 01224 624443
Website www.st-stephens.co.uk
Minister Rev Maggie Whyte
Telephone 01224 635694
Email Maggie.Whyte@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am
(Also 6.30 pm September - June) (T) (W)
More Info Morning worship is at 11 am every Sunday. The first Sunday of every month is a communion service. On the last Sunday of most months there is a Family Service (all-age) during which the children remain in church. There is always a Sunday School when there is not a Family Service. A crèche for younger children is also available supervised by parents and helpers.

There is a Sunday evening service at 6.30 pm in the Church Hall (apart from July/August). The first Sunday of every month is a communion service. On the last Sunday of the month there are prayers for the needs of individuals.

Services combine a blend of traditional and modern music and styles of worship.

Tea coffee and juice are served in the hall after services.

Mid-week there are House Groups, a Friendship Club, a Girls' Brigade, a Guild, a Bowling Club, a Mother and Toddlers' Group and a Women's Group.

From time to time various courses on the Christian Faith including the Alpha Course are organised.



Address Cairncry Community Centre 
Telephone 01224 686929
Website www.stockethillchurch.org.uk
Minister Rev Ian M Aitken
Telephone 01224 686929
Email IAitken@churchofscotland.org.uk
More Info



Address Stronsay Drive, AB15 6JL
Telephone 01224 326606
Website www.summerhillchurch.org.uk
Minister Rev Michael Shewan
Telephone 01224 324669
Email MShewan@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 an (T) (W)


Torry St Fittick's

Address 39 Walker Road, AB11 8DL
Telephone 01224 899183
Email EGatima@churchofscotland.org.uk
Website www.torrystfitticks.org
Minister Rev Dr Edmond Gatima
Telephone 01224 588245
Email EGatima@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am (10.30 am summer months) (T) (W)
More Info  



Address Church Street, Woodside, AB24 4DQ
Telephone 01224 277249
Email officewpc@talktalk.net
Website www.woodsidechurch.co.uk
Minister Rev Markus Auffermann
Telephone 01224 484562
Email MAuffermann@churchofscotland.org.uk
Services Sundays 11 am. Monthly Contemporary Evening Praise Service, every 1st Sunday of the month at 7 pm.
More Info Woodside is a characteristically open and friendly congregation. On Sunday mornings at 10.45 am we have a crèche and Sunday School (Sunday Scene for primary and Youth Zone for secondary school children).

The service, with traditional and contemporary music (choir and Praise Team) starts at 11 am followed by a time of fellowship with tea and coffee and juice for the younger people in our social area.

Once a month guest speakers give a "Million Moment". Christian Concerts are provided on a regular basis. Youth organisations include an after school Youth Club for primary aged children, Boys' Brigade, and Girl Guides, from Autumn 2017 there will be two new youth groups these being a Children’s Choir and a Music Group.

For adults there is the Guild, Adult Church Choir and Church Praise team, Prayer Triplets, weekly house groups, a Bible Study Group, prayer meetings, Indoor Bowling, an “over 55” club and a Walking Group furthermore, the Granite City Men’s Choir practice at the church. There is both a Men's and Women's Fellowship who meet on a regular basis to go out to eat, ten pin bowling, watch films etc and talk about life and faith and there is a group who helps the Syrian Scots along with any new refugees.

The congregation broadcasts "Take a Moment with Woodside Parish Church" every Sunday morning at 8 am on 99.8 FM (talks, interviews, songs, hymns, prayers and a Christian message).
Check the website for a detailed schedule of everything that's going on in Woodside Parish Church: www.woodsidechurch.co.uk .